Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui
Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui
Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui
Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui
Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui

Sayagata Hitta-miura Shibori Tenugui

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Looped binding resist in interlocking pattern

Technique: Hitta-miura Shibori - Small portions of cloth are gathered on a hook shaped specifically for this process and bound with cotton thread to create a soft outline resist along the bias of the fabric. Process illustrations are from the book “Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing”  by Wada, Rice, and Barton. (c)1983

Pattern: Sayagata -A design pattern of interlocking swastikas, manji 万字. Originating in India from Buddhism and popularized in China, it was first brought to Japan in the Tenshou 天正 era (1573-92), a time when Chinese fabrics with this pattern were first imported in large quantities . Most sources agree that the term (a contraction of sa-ayagata, meaning “gossamer-figured cloth pattern”) originated from the type of silk cloth on which it was most often found.

Color: Indigo/White

Approximately 1m x 35cm (39in x 13in)

100% Cotton

Handmade in Arimatsu, Japan

Tenugui are scarf-size, all-purpose towels made of lightweight cotton, used in Japan for centuries and recently popularized and collected because of their beautiful patterns and graphic designs.

Ukiyo-e example: Takeuchi Keishu (1911)

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