Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi
Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi
Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi
Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi
Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi

Shibori Tool Kit - Tsukidashi

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How to attach a shibori stand

How to attach tsukidashi pin to the shibori stand

Imported from Arimatsu, Japan, famous for its shibori traditions dating back to the Edo period, this kit includes a full set of artisan tools for creating tsukidashi kanoko (spaced dots), rasen (spiral binding), and bai (shell binding) shibori patterns.

Shibori Pin - Tsukidashi

Made in Japan from rust-resistant stainless steel, these blunt point pins are used for open-wound binding shibori techniques. The "needle" enables fabrication of specific effects not possible with a shibori hook: tiny resist units, fine pleating, and evenly spaced binding threads.

Approximately 16cm (6.5in) long.

Shibori Bobbin - Kanoko

Hand-lathed and imported from Japan, these wooden bobbins are designed for creating kanoko (dots) shibori patterns.

Approximately 7 x 2.5cm (2.75 x 1in) outer dimensions; 5 x 1cm (2 x .5in) core.

Cotton Shibori Thread - Binding

Imported from Japan, this 100% cotton thread is the same kind used by professional shibori artisans in Arimatsu. It has a soft twist which allows for some give when wrapping fabric, resulting in a cleaner, tighter pattern. Use for all types of bound patterns including te-kumo (spiderweb), makiage (crisscross binding), bōshi (capped), and tesuji (hand-pleated).

Shibori Stand

Designed by Arimatsu artisan Mr. Hiroshi Murase for modern shibori practice, these stainless steel shibori stands conveniently clamp to a work surface. Use to create te-kumo (spiderweb), maki-age (crisscross binding), bōshi (capped), or miura (looped binding) shibori patterns from the comfort of a chair.
View how Arimatsu shibori artisans perform tsukidashi shibori in the DVD Arimtasu Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 years of Japanese Artisan Design.

Approximately 19 x 13 x 3cm (7.5 x 5 x 1.25in); 220g.


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